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Shaziya has been a vital member of the Kix Magazine, a leading Entertainment Journalist, not only capturing 'live' information out there but also setting up interviews with Entertainment Acts as well as bringing more publicity and creative media to Kix Magazine. She has a pure passion for Entertainment and keeping her ear to the action and has grown her progression not only as a Journalist as an Entrepreneur of her field. She works well with the team in suppling ideas forward for stories as well putting together creative ideas, snapping away with her photography and filming, and a have a flair for editing as creative as well as her writing. She and the team have gained over '144,263 views' KixmagazineTV Youtube Channel and grow day by day, and interviews a number of international artists across the world.
Trevor Small
Chief Editor, Kix Magazine
Working with Shaziya, aka Shaz Designs, is a complete pleasure; she has a keen eye, for social media marketing from artist direction, from setting up basic social media accounts and giving consultancy advice on how to bring the social media together to act as one. She has been involved with the Artist Online Growth of Karl Wolf and other artists Lone Wolf Entertainment. She is jammed packed with ideas and strategies to get the fan's participating in the artist's growth, to purchase music online as well as collecting email addresses to utilize for email marketing. Shaziya has put together a strategy bible guide on social media that we will still use today, giving us results and awareness of these strategies in numbers and guiding us to do better every month - day by day. She improves the team and us
Pascal Malkoun, Artist Manager
Karl Wolf | Lone Wolf Entertainment
Worked with Shaziya (Shaz Designs) as a freelancer on my brand growth and marketing strategy for my music, from the social strategy of my brand to design (online and offline), through her expertise to build my image in the music industry, from day to day to specialist days - where I needed extra awareness and attention to my social media - that includes a large fan base of over 100,000 followers, she has excellent brand awareness and the right knowledge to engage fans through my social networks. Every team Shaziya is a part of or works for in the future; she will be a great asset and benefit as her methods and ideas are very effective and innovative, and a very passionate worker. She would be a great addition to any program/business.
D Dark
Music Artist, Entrepreneur
I have known Shaziya for over 18 years to which her work ethic has strengthened and gained in strength as she has fine-tuned her craft within the design and tech arena. Her self determination, drive and idea-generating are absolutely clear when she is involved in projects. It's been a pleasure working with her on particular briefs as she puts 100% into everything she does...she's a great person to have within a group/team setting
Viviane Williams MA, FRSA
Founder, Wake Up Campaign

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